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"A good relationship starts with good communication"

My name is Lise and I'm a certified translator and interpreter based in Brussels, Belgium – fluent in English, Danish, French and Dutch. I work freelance as translator, interpreter and fixer for media and television, and I have a large network in and knowledge of Brussels and Belgium. I'm available to assist with production, interviews, research, general journalistic tasks and much more. Contact me anytime for cooperation.

The Story

I started Lingualise with the ambition of bringing people together through creative and concise communication. The passion for languages has been with me all my life, and so has my enthusiasm for entrepreneurism—and on that background, Lingualise was born.
The purpose of Lingualise is to facilitate great interactions between people and add some sparkle to the exchange of language using my creative writing skills.
My quest for good prose began early. I wrote my first letter to my grandma when I was just 2 years old, and won several writing contests in my tween years. My curiosity for languages and writing developed over the years—and so did my skills, luckily—and today I enjoy working with content creation to help individuals and organisations brand their products and services. But enough about me—let’s talk about you. Whether you are launching a start-up, running a growing business or managing a sales department, you need a language wizard to take care of the ever important writing stuff so you can focus on your job. In this modern world with just six degrees of separation, communication is ever so important. This is why I love employing my language skills in easing and improving communication through translation, copywriting and editing services.

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