September 20, 2015



Let me tell you a secret…  Translation goes beyond just switching words for their foreign counterparts and the other way around. Source words that might seem an exact match in the target language can have connotations which influence the meaning of a translated sentence or an entire text. Therefore, as a translator, or transcreator, I must be fully fluent in all my working languages to do a good job—luckily, I am.

Being a Danish native located in Brussels, I literally enjoy the best of both worlds—because here, I can practise my working languages every day. I love interacting with people and explaining the meaning of Danish words like ‘hygge’ and ‘smørrebrød’ in discussions of their counterparts with Belgians and other nationalities.

Fortunately this is an easy challenge for me given my Master’s background in International Business Communication. On top of that, I went for a specialised degree in translation and interpretation which has provided me with the best tools for transferring any message in one of my languages to another.

My services cover translation and revision from English, French and Dutch into Danish and vice versa. My areas of expertise go far and wide and cover the following:

Life sciences

Marketing and copywriting

Consumer products

Automotive and transport

IT and telecommunications

Legal translation and contracts

Energy and environment

Manufacturing and engineering


I have specialised in articles, campaigns, marketing copy and any other customer-facing communication like newsletters, catalogues and online shops. I work for a variety of clients in the above-mentioned markets, and I thrive with this wide range of versatile jobs.


Lingualise is owned and run by me – Lise Toft Hessellund – a certified translator and interpreter. This certification has been granted by the Danish state.